U-Turn Redout 21 Color 3 GEBRUIKT - serial MK-RO-21-245/C-2344, nieuw aangeschaft op 19/04/2017

Het scherm is in uitstekende staat. Geen beschadigingen, geen patches. 

Retail nieuw prijs voor de Redout 21 is € 2.998,-.


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The new funwing from U-turn combines freestyle elements with power. The new mix out of sportive dynamic and reliable rise power is leading to the new category “freeride”. The outstanding glide qualities are turning the dynamic funwing into a highly efficient “turner” in thermal lift. With that the area of use is almost infinite with the multifaceted funwing. It is as convincing while soaring as acro trainer but also when flying in thermal – that is what makes that wing a real freerider.

The Redout is designed for dynamic flying fun on a high security level. Because of that it is also a perfect Acro glider for beginners, since despite the high dynamic the focus lied on sufficient security cushions. Especially when learning new maneuvers the glider forgives, if the timing isn’t 100 per cent right. Although it has high tolerance, the Redout has a very precise and direct handling, to learn the figures knowingly. In it’s genes the influences of the pro-wing Thriller are clearly noticeable – except the Infinity Tumbling all acro maneuvers are learnable and doable with the redout. That makes it the perfect prestage to switch to a pro acro-wing later.

The Redout is addressed to pilots who want to have miscellaneous funwing in their luggage, which is suitable for the dynamic flying, but at the same time gives you loads of power. At once it is suitable for all, who want to start flying acro. As a freerider this wing is as efficient when building height as it is when playing dynamically and reducing height. The outstanding power of this sportive wing is bringing fun either way. Because of the solid construction it is easily getting over stabi-touch landings as well as chopper jumps.

The Redout is premium-quality processed and designed for durability. As in all U-Turn Acro gliders, only materials, which have passed the extreme strain and hard long-term tests, were used for producing. Especially at the cloth the established and robust original material of the thriller came int use. But also in it’s processing everything is done to ensure durability and shape fidelity, including multiple reinforced seams, reinforcements on all line suspensions and v-tapes.

Meer informatie via de website van U-Turn.

* Paraworks vernieuwt op continue basis haar opleidingsmateriaal en daarom hebben we regelmatig interessante aanbiedingen. *

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U-Turn - Redout 21 Color 3 [LTF/EN C/D] - GEBRUIKT

  • Merk: U-Turn
  • Model: U-Turn
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
  • 2.998,00€
  • 1.600,00€

  • Excl. BTW: 1.322,31€