XS 23 / S 25,5 / SM 28,5 / M 30 / L 31,5 / XL 35


The EMOTION 3 is setting new standards in the field ofsafety and performance. There was never made such a huge effort before, to reach a new developing level. The test and construction workings on the new high-end A-wing lasted for more than a year. Many studies and prototypes were created and discarded and optimized through countless test flights.

The demands to the newest generation of the established EMOTION series were very high, nevertheless all expectations were exceeded with the new concept of the wing. U-Turn is relying on class-suitable gliders, and so during the development of the new A-class-wing everything was put under the motto of uncompromising passive safety.

The EMOTION 3 is combining sportive features with very high tolerance. Especially in turbulent air it is not easy to ruffle the wing – is a pressure compensation necessary anyway, the reactions turn out very moderate and damped. The high stability is supporting the outraging glide features and the rise performance of the EMOTION 3. Even in weak thermal the wing is rising very efficiently and is dynamically turned into curves, this is especially positively notable when centering in the thermal.

With the EMOTION 3 particular focus was put on reliable starting behavior. The wing is rising evenly and without tendency of the canopy diving forward. It is filling itself fast even at little wind and with small effort.

Meer informatie via de website van U-Turn.

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U-Turn - Emotion 3 [LTF/EN A]

  • Merk: U-Turn
  • Model: U-Turn
  • Beschikbaarheid: 6-14 dagen
  • 2.998,00€

  • Excl. BTW: 2.477,69€

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