Paraworks is officieel dealer van U-Turn en is bovendien Competence Center voor U-Turn.

U-Turn is een zeer gerenommeerd merk en bekend om zijn innovatie en kwaliteit. De filosofie van U-Turn is "Vliegen is een privilege" en "Safe Fun".

Flying is a privilege

It creates moments of presence and of bliss. U-Turn is committed to the excitement of flying and is living this not just every day itself but also wants to make it accessible to as many people as possible. U-Turn develops innovative products for the sport of paragliding and is offering a full-service-product line.

Our statement “SAFE FUN” is an acknowledgement for safety

U-Turn is pursuing the absolute upper limit of passive safety, because the products should bring delight and joy. Part of that is also that the products support the pilot even when the conditions get more difficult. Because the fun factor considerably rises when the risk factor sinks. For us not only the doable counts, but the maximum of safety. Products with high technological aspirations, innovation and design with a quality, that shows durability over time.

U-Turn has a clear goal: “to make the best, even better”

We are working tireless on improvements and progress and push ourselves to get better every day. To develop more ideas for more safety and constantly think things over and find intelligent solutions. Thereby we are proud of our work, appreciate uncompromising quality and love our sport. The products are produced with the utmost care, because they should generate long-ranging quality.

In the center of our acting is the individual

Acting responsibly towards our staff and nature is a given, just as it is towards every single pilot. U-Turn is maintaining an authentic and transparent style. Slim structures enable dynamic operating. 

That does not sound like mass manufacturer, although we are convinced, that the marked for quality to fair prices will grow steadily. U-Turn products are distributed through a selected global network of distributors, the partners are characterized by outraging competence, service quality and customer friendliness. Also U-Turn is providing a value-creating growth and preservation of price stability of the products worldwide.

U-Turn - Trinity  [LTF/EN D]

U-Turn - Trinity [LTF/EN D]

Trinity [LTF/EN D]16 / 18 / 20THE ULTIMATE FUN MACHINE FOR TRIPLE DYNAMIC POWERFreestyle soaring on ..

2.198,00€ Excl. BTW: 1.816,53€

U-Turn - Evolution [LTF/EN A]

U-Turn - Evolution [LTF/EN A]

EVOLUTION [LTF/EN A]XS 22,0 / S 24,0 / SM 26,0 / M 28,0 / L 30,5 / XL 33,5REVOLUTION OF THE A-CLASST..

2.748,00€ Excl. BTW: 2.271,07€

U-Turn - Eternity [LTF/EN A]

U-Turn - Eternity [LTF/EN A]

ETERNITY [LTF/EN A]XS 23 / S 25,5 / SM 28,5 / M 30 / L 31,5 / XL 35SAFETY PACKED LIGHTThe ETERNITY i..

3.198,00€ Excl. BTW: 2.642,98€

U-Turn - Emotion 3 [LTF/EN A]

U-Turn - Emotion 3 [LTF/EN A]

EMOTION 3 [LTF/EN A]XS 23 / S 25,5 / SM 28,5 / M 30 / L 31,5 / XL 35SAFETY IN A NEW GENERATIONThe EM..

2.998,00€ Excl. BTW: 2.477,69€

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